The heritage turkey breed we raise is the Narragansett. This breed is valued for its slower growth rates (24-28 weeks to market weight), which allows them to mature more naturally and build strong skeletons to hold their mature market weights without injury, but their taste makes it well worth the wait (and the price!).

They are healthier and hardier birds; and are, also, able to reproduce themselves (not just via artificial insemination like the commercial breeds). Our birds range over our entire property, (and, sometimes the neighbors!) and feast – seasonally; on tasty acorns, windfall apples and plums, and whatever else they forage for in our pastures, woods and meadow, and ponds. We, also, supplement them with "spent grain" from a local brewer.

Their outstanding flavor and texture continues to impress us and it is hard to believe that we almost lost these birds to extinction.  They are wonderful foragers and a picture of beauty when they are out on pasture.